Why Minikane?

We’ve been asked “Why Minikane”?

 I have many reasons. And I’ll elaborate below.

 First and foremost, I always want our business to mesh well with our real life. And that means, as my children grow, it will take on different forms. My hope is, that as they grow, so will our shop. This is one of many expansions I am looking forward to in the coming months & years.

Our daughters are very much obsessed with dolls right now. And fostering their relationship through playing with dolls is very important to us.

 I also love facts and love Science. God designed it all and it’s intricate and amazing to learn about. And there are studies that have found that doll play is helpful in brain development.

It’s a fascinating topic. Message anytime and I can provide links  

Like this one 


That’s the personal reason for why we chose to expand.

And why we chose Minikane has to do with design and quality.

 These dolls are handcrafted and so gorgeous. Until you hold one in your hands, it’s hard to describe. The PVC is soft and the joints make play time and posing so wonderful. And their faces are so darling. They are 13 inches and a perfect size  

We also love that they are anatomically correct. It is important to allow children to ask questions and have the answers for them in regards to their bodies. I am all about body education. The skin we are in is a beautifully designed system. And learning about God’s miraculous design is important. The earlier we learn the more we understand about how our bodies work.

Also teaching children correct nomenclature is important for their safety. We teach our children that if anyone talks about their Penis or Labia when mommy and daddy can’t hear them or calls their private areas cute names, they aren’t a nice person and they need to tell mommy or daddy right away. We start this teaching around age 4. We do not tell them why and they trust us to follow the rule. It’s important that we keep their childhood innocent while equipping them with knowledge. We do our best to always keep them safe in every way we can. That includes education  

The Minikane dolls help in this process of explaining anatomical differences. It is not something to hide or be scared about. We can separate future sexuality from the anatomy lessons. They are not something that must coexist. There is no shame in knowledge of the skin we live in. It is scientific and factual.

 We will tackle Puberty and all those subjects as they arise. I like that life can be divided and some topics do not have to be combined with others. I feel God left us this beautiful world to figure out and live it with as much knowledge of His creation as we can obtain.


So that’s it, in a nutshell. We are excited for the road ahead! Thank you all for the encouragement and excitement! 

God is good and we are so grateful for every opportunity to grow and learn new things.