All Things Minikane

Dolls will restock when our most recent order from France arrives. We expect it in 3 -4 weeks. Shipping Updates will be in our Facebook group once I have the shipping info.
Dolls will ship out in 2-3 days upon arriving to our home.  

1 free bow with every doll!! 

Minikane Trademarked Brand Items 

Minikane is a brand based in France.

They offer gorgeously beautiful hand crafted Paola Reina Gordis dolls, and they design doll clothing and accessories foe the Gordis dolls.

The Paola Reina Minikane dolls are manufactured in Spain from the highest quality materials. They are non toxic and phthalate free.

The doll bodies are PVC.

Their wicker doll bassinets are incredible! The doll clothing ka OEKO TEK certified.

These anatomically correct female and male dolls are also a wonderful educational tool. They are great for teaching children about the skin they are in.

Please note that selling the dolls for less than $50 means we lose money as a shop. Basically it’s us paying YOU for the doll. So when we have sales we are being generous and losing out. Thanks so much for understanding.