P/O AND PO = Pre-Order

The prices are exclusive to this pre-order, the discount is for your patience and understanding. 

⭐️the pre-order runs Sept 30 - Oct 8 hard close no extensions  

⚠️⚠️WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUND YOUR ITEM/ORDER IF INVENTORY CHANGES & WE CANNOT OBTAIN SAID ITEM - it’s rare but sometimes this happens outside of our control. 

I will not guarantee an arrival date. Usually inventory from France arrives within 2 weeks. HOWEVER please order with a 2-4 week wait in mind.   

. **Prices will increase to our regular prices after the pre-order end day. ❣️You may use ANY sales codes 


The dolls will ship to us in South Dakota, from France. 
It can take 2-4 weeks depending on weather & shipping issues.

We will then have time to check and prep them and other parts of your orders—- and when the dolls arrive, as a family we package them up & get them sent off to you. 🙂

 🔥If there is a mistake with our order or any items that arrive damaged we will happily refund your order. 
-if the wrong item is shipped to us- We will refund you and keep the mistaken item unless you want it. If it’s damaged, we will refund  

We will NOT refund you and still send the item to you.

It is heartbreaking to witness someone getting a FULL refund, insist we still send them the item & then watch them turn around and sell the doll for near to full price.

Thank you for understanding.